democracy1Η Ελληνική Ένωση για την Προώθηση της Ρητορικής στην Εκπαίδευση εγκαινιάζει μια σημαντική και ελπιδοφόρα συνεργασία με τον μη κερδοσκοπικό οργανισμό Kallion: Elevating Leadership through the Humanities, ο οποίος έχει την έδρα του στην Washington DC. Η υπογραφή ενός memorandum συνεργασίας θέτει τα θεμέλια για την επιτυχή πραγματοποίηση του φετινού 2nd International Democracy e-camp (International Democracy Camp – Greece) και ανοίγει τον δρόμο για μελλοντικές συνεργασίες και ανταλλαγή τεχνογνωσίας και εμπειρίας. Ευχαριστούμε τον καθηγητή του Howard University και fellow του Κέντρου Ελληνικών Σπουδών του Harvard, dr Norman Sandridge, για τη στενή συνεργασία και διάθεση ουσιαστικής δικτύωσης των φορέων μας και τη φετινή χρονιά!


Strengthen Democracy by Developing Your Own Democratic Leadership at the

2nd International Democracy e-Camp
21st June-15th July 2020

Because of the special circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education (www.rhetoricedu.com) and Kallion Leadership, Inc. (https://kallion.org/) will host online the 2nd International Democracy e-camp for international college students. Experts in fields of psychology, rhetoric, literature, linguistics, law, and political science will work with camp participants to appreciate and practice a range of democratic behaviors including showing empathy, cultivating self-awareness, perspective-taking, civil problem-solving, conflict resolution, mentoring others, and building alliances. International participants will work with each other, and bond with each other, by sharing the similarities and differences in their understanding of democracy. By becoming better at democratic leadership we can all serve as a positive example to others and improve the structures and procedures that make all democratic governments function well across the globe.

Certificate of Completion

Participants in the camp will receive a Certificate of Completion. To earn their certificate participants need to attend all four 1,5-hour weekly workshops with their facilitators, all four 1,5-hour weekly workshops without their facilitators, and at least three of the plenary sessions

during the camp. They must also contribute significantly to the creation of their cohort’s capstone portfolio.

Meet the Cohort Facilitators

Jeff Beneker, Professor of Classics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mallory Monaco Caterine, Senior Professor of Practice in Classical Studies and Greenberg Family Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Tulane University, Co-executive Director of Kallion Leadership, Inc.

Valia Loutrianaki, educator of greek language and rhetoric, president of the Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education, Phd cand. (University of Athens) in Rhetoric and creative thinking in education
Giota Giannopoulou, educator of greek language and rhetoric, Phd cand. (Ionian University)

Rhonda Knight, Professor of English and James Wayne Lemke Chair in University Service and Leadership at Coker University

Georgia Karela, Primary School teacher, Phd cand. (University of Athens) in Rhetoric in Education
Mary Marin, Secondary School Teacher of English, Drama and Debate, MUN Advisor, Phd cand in Human Rights in Education

Irene Morrison-Moncure, Junior Class Adviser & Associate Faculty at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study

Norman Sandridge, Associate Professor of Classics at Howard University, Co-executive Director of Kallion Leadership, Inc.

Irene Theodoropoulou, Associate Professor of Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis, Qatar University



The cost of the eCamp is 70 EU or $76 and includes participation to all workshops, guest speeches and extra events, digital files of supplementary texts and bibliography, a certificate of participation, participation in e-events during 2020-2021 season. Participants will receive a complimentary Kallion Leadership Sketchbook when it becomes available. Those who complete the camp will be guaranteed a slot in next year’s camp in Crete and a reduction in their registration fee.


The deadline for registration is June20, 2020 through this link: https://forms.gle/smhB6HYZXUHfRYbX7

For more info about the aims and workshops of the camp, please e-mail
Norman Sandridge (Howard University in Washington, DC and Kallion Leadership, Inc. [www.kallion.org]), Valia Loutrianaki (University of Athens, Greece) and Irene Theodoropoulou (Qatar University, State of Qatar) at internationaldemocracycamp@gmail.com

For any info about registration please contact our communication team: Olia Avdis, communication specialist, Niovi Gennadiou (United World Colleges, Hamburg), Dimitrios Goupios (University of Athens-Law School) at info.democracycamp@gmail.com

Join our Facebook page «International Democracy Camp-Greece» and our web page https://internationaldemocracycamp-greece.weebly.com to get a glimpse of our 1st International Democracy Camp (trainers and program) and to stay updated!

The e-Camp organizers wish to express gratitude for support from:

MA Program “Rhetoric, Humanities and Education” (University of Athens),

European Democratic Education Community-Greece (https://eudec.gr/en/),

Student Association for International Affairs (https://safia.gr/),

Afixis – World Academic Venture Conference and Model of Greek Parliament (https://afixis.org/)

Τhe Union of Greek Language Educators in Rethymnon, Crete