Summer debate workshop στο Ισραήλ

Πρόσκληση ενδιαφέροντος για εκπαιδευτές ρητορικής που επιθυμούν να διδάξουν στα ετήσια εργαστήρια debate στο Ισραήλ:

Sia’h vaSig – The Israel Debating Society – regularly hosts week long Summer Debate Workshops in English in four different locations in Israel over a period of twelve days. These workshops serve to introduce high school students to the world of debating and are the catalyst for our weekly club meetings throughout the year. The workshops are run by the best Israeli debaters, usually former World Schools debaters and current World University debaters. We have found, however, that the addition of coaches from abroad helps to attract students to the workshops and offers the opportunity of studying with coaches of the highest standard from different traditions and with varying accents. Since the workshops tend to fall during the university exam period in Israel, we do not always have the assistance of our local university debaters and enjoy the outside help.


The duties of the coaches include:


  1. To be in email contact with the workshop organizers to help devise a schedule.
  2. To coach debate sessions throughout the two weeks of the workshop.
  3. To give specific – knowledge sessions based on your educational background.
  4. To judge debates and give age and level appropriate feedback to the participants.


In return, the coaches will receive:


  1. 2200 shekels towards airfare and night-life transportation costs.
  2. Host families for the duration of the workshops.
  3. Breakfast and Lunch for the duration of the workshops.
  4. Transportation to and from the airport.
  5. Inter-city transportation from workshop to workshop.


In 2009 the workshops will take place from Sunday July 5th at 9 a.m. to Friday July 19th at 1 p.m. Candidates must be willing to arrive in Israel by July 4th and can depart from the late afternoon on July 19th.


To apply, please send your debating CV to Hayah Eichler at by the 24th of December.